Why You Should Hire a Professional Landscape Lighting Designer in Tampa

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Landscape Lighting Designer in Tampa

One of the best ways to refresh your home, or show off your commercial property in Tampa is with Landscape Lighting. Designing and installing a professional Landscape Lighting system can elevate your property from average to stunning! A well-designed system will leave you and your visitors smiling every time the sun sets.

Whether you want to redesign a current system or create an entirely new outdoor look, then you have the choice of going alone or calling a professional. Our Tampa Landscape Lighting team can visit you and your property to design and install a lighting system that is evocative and highlights the land’s best features.

By using state of the art lighting systems and our extensive knowledge, we’ll perform this transformative job for affordable prices!
Lighting That Transforms Your Property

A Landscape Lighting contractor will focus on improving several core aspects of your garden. They are:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Aesthetics

Lighting that makes your property safe

Using their extensive experience, a Landscape Lighting designer will make sure driveways and pathways are appropriately illuminated without annoying glare ruining the aesthetic. This is especially important with any elevation change, steps and doorways.

If you install lights alone, you’re likely to miss the common trip hazards that a professional is familiar with. If you’re a business owner, then you can remove the risk of worrying about customers falling and improve the overall look of your property while you’re at it.

Security Lighting

Whether your property is a home or business, security is crucial. Doorways, windows and any potential break-in points need to be clearly lit. However, amateurs overdo things by smacking big, ugly lights or poorly lit LEDs in lazy positions.

We’ll use the best lights for the job to make sure potential thieves are scared even to consider breaking into your property. Through the use of driveway lighting and floodlights with sensors, you’ll get a new found sense of security and comfort during the night!


The positioning of lights is often neglected when it comes to their actual use. Rather than placing lights randomly in the corners of balconies or on walls, you can have specific accent lighting that can open up new areas of your property to enjoy after dusk. Long, enjoyable summer nights can become a common event, with dimmer lights around eating areas or a gentle light behind your favorite reading spot.


By using the right color temperatures, optimal bulbs and expert positioning knowledge, your yard or garden can transform from dark and dingy into something with personality and class. Trees, water features and flower beds can all receive delicate lighting that doesn’t overpower anything else. From inside and out, the lighting will significantly enhance the beauty of your home and even improve the properties value.

Hassle Free

Professionals will manage everything from the design to the legal requirements. You won’t need to worry about permits or code requirements, because the experts will take care of it for you.

Electronics can be dangerous too, especially outside. You may need to install transformers to make sure the voltage throughout the property is enough. Professional contractors can make sure you have no electronic problems in the future while keeping you safe from amateur electronic mistakes during installation.

The Best Equipment with No Corners Cut

A lighting installation team has access to the best light bulbs and lighting fixtures that will last the longest. A good fixture is vital, so they withstand the heat and humidity of Florida and even storm season. Too often corners are cut with lighting systems that break quickly and make properties look cheaper than they did before.

If you use trusted contractors with expert knowledge, you’re guaranteed great results.

Professional Assitance

Without expert advise, it can be hard to understand how much light you need and where it needs to be placed. Too often DIY jobs end up with yards that are too bright or dim and cheap.

By hiring the professionals, you’ll save yourself money over time, with fixtures and lights that won’t need replacing or redesigning. Your property will look fresh and vibrant, leaving you and visitors charmed.

Contact our Clearwater Landscape Lighting Design and Installation team today to get started on transforming your home or commercial property into something spectacular!

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