When is The Best Time to Water Your Lawn in Florida?

  • When is The Best Time to Water Your Lawn in Florida

When is The Best Time to Water Your Lawn in Florida?

Knowing the best time to water your Lawn in Florida is crucial to avoid diseases, mold or excessive water bills. Here’s a quick low-down on the best time to water your lawn:

When Is The Best Time to Water My Lawn?

Early Morning

Early in the morning is the best time to water your lawn in Florida. Ideally, before 9 am. During these early hours, the sun is at a low angle, with lower air temperatures.

Cooler conditions minimize water loss and allow the water to soak into the ground to reach plant roots.

Avoid Afternoons

Don’t wait until the afternoon. By then, the air temperature is too hot and the sun causes evaporation of any water on the surface of your plants and grass. Root systems are also less likely to get water in the heat, so you’ll be wasting water and money.

Why Not in The Night?

Before 9 am is the ideal time to water your lawn, but you need to find the sweet spot. That’s because watering at night can cause damage.

Water during hot and humid nights can cause disease as the water sits on the grass all night long with the dew.

In colder temperatures, it can also cause fungus and disease. However, it’s still a better option than watering under the afternoon’s sun, where your grass will dry out.

When Does My Lawn Need Watering?

Contrary to popular belief, you may not need to water your lawn every day unless you’re growing it from seed or sod.

Already grown lawns only need to be watered every day when you see these warning signs:

  • The grass has a tint of blue to it.
  • The grass blades sag or turn in on themselves.
  • Footprints remain after walking on your lawn.

If you see any of these warning signs, then water deeply every day for short periods. This way, you’ll promote a shallow root system to fight off droughts and drying out.

How Can I Stop Wasting Water?

Many people waste a lot of money while watering their lawns in Florida because their watering system isn’t up to scratch. Here’s the trick to avoiding that:

Sprinkler Systems

The best solution is to invest in a better sprinkler and irrigation system. With well-planned pipes and watering points, you can pinpoint the dry spots while also targeting your plants and flowers.

Best of all, you can get an automatic timer system so you don’t have to wake up at 6 am and hurl out your hose.

The system will start up when it’s time to water and stop after the optimal duration.

You’ll also avoid wasting water splashing on your paths and driveway.

As automated sprinkler and irrigation systems are targeted correctly, you’ll avoid flooding or underwatering areas of your lawn.

Finally, if you’re in a drought, then keep kids, vehicles and pets off the lawn to avoid damage!

Sprinkler and Irrigation Installation Near Me in Palm Harbor, Florida

Want to save money on your water bill while also watering your lawn perfectly? Then call Palm Harbor’s leading Sprinkler and Irrigation installation company – All Phaze irrigation. We’ll answer any questions you have and set up a money-saving and lawn nurturing sprinkler system.

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