When Do You Need To Replace Your Sprinkler Heads?

  • Replacing Sprinkler Heads

When Do You Need To Replace Your Sprinkler Heads?

Replacing damaged sprinkler heads is a common repair job for Irrigation and Sprinkler business owners. A faulty sprinkler head means your garden is going to lose its charm quickly and you’ll be rapidly wasting money on your water bills.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to spot a damaged Sprinkler head and a cheap repair can turn your garden’s fortunes around! Although it can be complicated to know which parts are needed, it’s a task that a Tampa Sprinkler Repair team can come complete swiftly.

1: Identifying Damaged Sprinkler Heads

Once you notice an erratic, unreliable or damaged Sprinkler head then you need to identify what type it is. Whether it’s a pop-up or impact head, it needs to be the same type as before to fit in with your sprinkler system’s set-up. Replacing a sprinkler head with the wrong model will cause spraying distance and pattern problems that leave your lawn poorly watered.

The specifications can usually be found on the nozzle or a label, but if not then the All Phaze experts can have a quick check over and make sure you get the best parts. Although you can change brand, you can’t change type without changes further along in your system.

2: Removing the damaged parts

The installation process is thankfully inexpensive, but complications can arise if you don’t know what you’re doing. Once the water system is completely turned off, the surrounding dirt will need to be dug out before removing the damaged head with a wrench or pliers.

However, the risk is that dirt enters the water line if the hole fills with water. That can cause further problems and damage the new parts shortly after. A professional will know how to avoid harmful amounts of dirt entering and flush the system before leaving.

3: Installing the new parts

The new parts need a simple screw-on job at first, but the top of the new head should be flush flat with the surface and not sticking up at all. If it’s even a fraction above the surface, then it’s vulnerable to future damage. Dirt and lawn mowers can quickly break sprinkler heads, so it’s essential it’s installed flat.

4: Flushing the water line

No matter how careful you are, dirt will inevitably enter the water line.
The new sprinkler head will need to be tested and flushed, using a flushing tool. This will clean the line of any debris.

Professionals have access to water vacuums too, so they can ensure the water line and holes are clear from dirty water before finishing the installation.

5: Testing the New Sprinkler Head

Before filling in the hole, the sprinkler head needs to be tested. This check is for any irregularities in the spraying and pop-up movements of the head. Once your Clearwater Sprinkler Repair team give it the green light, then your system is ready to start watering perfectly again!

Hire The Professionals For a Flawless Job

Our Clearwater Professional Sprinkler Repair team has the know-how and tools to replace your sprinkler headers quickly, ensuring you’re free from problems that often arise when doing the job alone.

It may seem simple, but it can quickly become stressful if you don’t have a water vacuum to clean a hole that is filling up fast or to avoid making a mess of your surrounding grass.

Our All Phaze team can identify any broken sprinkler parts, replace them with the optimal new components and work to get your lawn looking lush again!

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