What Type of Irrigation Do I Need?

  • What Type of Irrigation Do I Need?

What Type of Irrigation Do I Need?

Irrigation can be confusing and off-putting to beginners, or even to those who have tried and failed with watering their yard manually. One wrong step and your plants and grass can either get a disease or dry up completely. That’s why we’ve taken the time to make a guide on all things garden irrigation, to help your plants flourish. As one of the leading irrigation installers, we know the subject inside out.

What Types of Irrigation Are There?

There are essentially two types of irrigation used on residential and commercial properties. One is watering by hand; the other is an automated irrigation system. Watering by hand is performed with a hose and a spray nozzle. It’s tiring and erratic. Automated irrigation systems, however, are made up of a network of pipes that spray the water around the garden, through a variety of outputs – including drip irrigation, pop-up sprinklers, mini sprinklers and more. Let’s get into more detail about irrigation systems.

Types of Irrigation Sprinklers

Dry spells during spring and summer can leave grass looking dead and begging for water. That’s especially common in Florida, which is why irrigation systems are so useful.

To get the best results, you should be looking to get the ground watered slightly below the surface. This can either be achieved by installing ground sprinklers and pop up sprinklers installed under the surface:

  • Rotating Sprinklers – Rotating arms spray a circle of water over 360 degrees, covering large areas equally.
  • Oscillating Sprinkler – A horizontal tube of water jets that turns slowly. This allows for a rectangular spray.
  • Impact Sprinkler – A single jet sprays a narrow arc of fine water. The sprinkler rotates and pulses, spraying an even circle. It’s perfect for larger areas and professional use.
  • Travelling Sprinkler – A rotary sprinkler, which literally moves on wheels across the lawn thanks to the power of the water. This can reduce large watering areas, but is an erratic option.
  • Sprinkler hose – A flat pipe that sprays out of jets. Useful for providing deep watering flower beds.
  • Pop-Up Sprinklers – Installed underground and often covered with grass, pop-up sprinklers rise above the surface when activated. They provide great coverage and are extremely efficient.

Types of Automated Irrigation Systems

Automated irrigation systems in Florida are becoming must-haves for anyone looking to maintain a luscious, green lawn and yard. With the benefit of automation, you can forget about turning on the system every day, dragging the hose about or flooding the road. They can be game-changers. There are various to choose from:

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a very efficient way to water your yard while saving water and time. A network of pipes carries water around your garden, with small drip outputs positioned for each plant. These outputs release water slowly, giving plants time to soak carefully, without runoff or waste. This allows you to be precise about plant watering and to protect their root zones. Combine it with a timer, and you have your very own gardener.

Drip irrigation is perfect for flower beds, vegetable gardens, hanging baskets and borders. They can reduce water usage by 80% compared to hoses.

MicroJet and Spray Systems

MircoJet and Spray Systems are very popular as they’re quick to install and cost-effective. MicoJets soak large areas with a spray that is perfect for covering many plants in one spray. MicroJets aren’t considered as efficient as drip irrigation but are still a considerable improvement on garden hoses.

Microjets are perfect for flower beds, border, landscaped areas and greenhouses.

Pop-Up Sprinklers

When automated, pop-up sprinklers are an excellent way to irrigate a lawn. Installed underground, they provide better coverage than any other type of sprinkler and will save you considerable amounts on your water bill compared to a hose.

Pop-Up sprinklers are the best way to get a consistent, healthy and controlled lawn year-round.

Irrigation System Installation in Florida

We hope this overview of irrigation systems can help you to decide which sprinkler system is best for your property. If you need an irrigation system installed in Florida then contact All Phaze Irrigation today!

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