The Benefits of Tuning up Your Sprinkler System this Winter

  • The Benefits of Tuning up Your Sprinkler System this Winter

The Benefits of Tuning up Your Sprinkler System this Winter

Colder weather often makes people forget about their sprinkler systems when actually it’s the perfect time for a sprinkler tune-up!

Irrigation systems and sprinklers in Tampa don’t endure the same freezing temperatures as the rest of the country, which means you’ll still need them functioning.

But with the heavy demands of spring and summer on their way next, this is your chance to get your sprinkler and irrigation system up to peak performance.

  • Fix problems that cause you to waste water and money.
  • Tune-up your system to minimize water usage and make your life easier.
  • Improve how your plants and grass are watered.
  • Improve drainage and say goodbye to flooded areas.

This is also your chance to get a head start on the rest of the neighborhood!

Let’s take a look at what to focus on with sprinkler tune-ups during fall and winter.

Upgrade Those Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are the most important part of any sprinkler system tune-up. Faulty or damaged sprinkler heads can cause over or under-watered areas of your lawn.

You can inspect your sprinkler heads for debris such as dirt, rocks, mulch and any overgrown grass with a visual check.

If you spot any cracked or broken parts, you can replace them with the same model of sprinkler heads.

OR, you can take this opportunity to invest in upgraded sprinkler heads for better spraying or more appropriate functions.

Clear Out Valve Boxes and Consider Upgrading Controllers

Valve boxes are the heart of any sprinkler system. Quick and easy access is always needed. Cutaway any debris and overgrown grass.

This is also your chance to upgrade with a sprinkler tune-up! Think automated timers, new valves, wiring and replacing any old, worn parts.

If your timer is several years old, you might be surprised to learn there are now modern sprinkler and irrigation controllers with smartphone connectivity and far more options than you’ve been used to.

Note: your controller battery might also require a replacement.

Our sprinkler tune-up team can assess your valve box and controller to fix up worn and suspect parts.

Check and Fix Leaks

An essential part of all our irrigation and sprinkler tune-ups is checking and fixing leaks. If any pipes (especially those underground) are leaking, you could be wasting money every month and risk flooding.

We’ll check your system’s pressures and analyze the pipes to detect any leaks, no matter how small. A small fix can save a big problem.

This Is Your Chance to Optimize Your Watering

Turn on your sprinkler system and go zone by zone. Doing this during your sprinkler tune-up gives you the chance to see which areas are being watered poorly and then make improvements.

Checking for water on the sidewalks, driveways, decks or streets, we can then adjust the heads for optimal positioning.

Did you have areas of dead grass last year? This is your chance to fix that for 2022!

Install New Ideas

Winter gives you the chance to reconfigure things. If you’re looking to landscape your yard, add new water features, prevent flooding or any other idea, then a sprinkler tune-up is the time to do it!

At AllPhaze we can make your vision a reality or advise irrigation solutions that perhaps you haven’t thought of. From rain gardens and driveway drainage to oscillating sprinklers and MicroJets, you can transform your yard and how it operates during a sprinkler tune-up this winter.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Tune-Up in Tampa, Florida

Contact All Phaze Irrigation today if you’re looking for an irrigation and sprinkler tune-up in Tampa, Florida.

As experts in all things irrigation and sprinklers, we can run a review of your system before making the necessary changes – saving you money and water while gaining better ways to care for your yard.


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