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Wed, Aug-16, 2023

How to Fix Sinking Sprinkler Heads in Tampa

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Have you wondered why your lawn is dry or brown, but still green around the sprinkler heads? The answer might be a sinking sprinkler head. It’s worth having a quick inspection and if that’s the problem, making some changes. Why Are My Sprinkler Heads Sinking? Sinking sprinkler heads is not usually a huge problem. Don’t panic, but it needs fixing. Over time, soil compacts with foot traffic and lawnmowers running over and around the heads. That causes the sprinklers to settle into a lower position. Once sunken, the water can’t spray as far as it usually does. In fact, it can collide directly with only the surrounding turf. That causes under-watered grass further away from the sprinklers, and possibly even overwatered grass directly around it. And it gets worse fast! Brown grass, or even flooded grass. ‘Give me a solution!’ I hear you ask: How to Fix Sinking Sprinkler Heads in Tampa Don’t delay, as time will only make things worse - it can be a real struggle to rescue a dead lawn with Tampa’s climate. Here’s what you can do: Dig around the head with a shovel, to remove the sod and soil. Carefully clear out the dirt around it. Pay attention to not hit or damage any underground pipes, or the sprinkler head itself! Pull the sprinkler head up, so it’s even with the ground again. Pack the soil under and around the sprinkler head, push down on it slightly to ensure the pressure is sufficient to avoid it sinking again quickly. Replace the sod piece, over the sprinkler head. Read Related: Does My Lawn Need Resodding? Take the Time to Clean Your Sprinkler Heads While fixing your sinking sprinkler heads, it’s also a good opportunity to clean them out. Dirty sprinkler heads can cause underwatering, as the [...]

Wed, Jan-11, 2023

Why Repairing Your Sprinkler System This Winter Could Save You Money!

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Repairing your sprinkler system this winter could potentially save you hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of dollars in the future.

Mon, Oct-28, 2019

Is it Time for Well Pump Repair and Installation: Sprinkler Repair and Installation

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There are many reasons why it might be time to call in the experts for a well pump repair or installation and sprinkler repair or sprinkler installation.

Wed, Jan-9, 2019

How to Care for Your Lawn in Florida during Winter Months

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Many people ask us how to maintain their lawns in Florida during winter. That's because in our state we're lucky enough to enjoy winters under the sun; so despite temperatures dropping, grass still needs to look vibrant. While friends and family suffer amongst deep snow and treacherous conditions up north, Florida folk get to sit around in the garden, near the pool and have gatherings all year long. If you want a garden that impresses during the winter, you need to know how to keep your lawn healthy and shining! Here are our key tips for using your Clearwater Sprinkler System to protect your lawn during winter: Start Preparing in the Fall Ideal winter lawn care starts a good month or so before the turn of the new year. By preparing for the changing temperatures, your grass will benefit when the colder weather hits. Changing your watering times and using the advice below in mid-fall will pay-off as the seasons change. Stop Fertilizing in advance The optimal time to stop fertilizing your grass is around September to October. Although grass in Florida grows well during the hot months, it tends to struggle during the winter. Fertilizer and cold weather isn't a good mix, so adding fertilizer can actually damage your grass and ruin all the work you've put in earlier in the year. Overseed! Fertilizer won't do the trick, but overseeding will. You need lots of seeds that are known for providing grass that can endure winters. The cold weather grass will keep your lawn healthy during the winter, but die off in time for summer when it'll be replaced by your warm weather grass again! Pro-tips: Make sure you mow your lawn and remove any debris, fungus or weeds before you start seeding! Ryegrass is a popular, reliable winter [...]

Mon, Nov-12, 2018

How to Lower your Sprinkler System’s Water Bill

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Compared to the price of manual watering your lawn, installing a sprinkler system will significantly reduce your water bill in the long run. However, even after installation, there are still ways to reduce your water bill; simply ensuring your sprinkler system is running optimally can drive down your monthly spending. With gallons of water flowing every minute, you need to ensure no water is being wasted. Making even the smallest changes or repairs can bring huge reductions on your next bill! Here’s some advice from your local Sprinkler System experts: Check Your Sprinkler Heads Faulty sprinkler heads are often the common cause of wasted water, and checking them over is a straightforward task that can detect the cause of your rising water bill. A loose or clogged sprinkler head will mean water is being overused and misused. A part replacement or tightening of the head will ensure water is being sprayed at the correct pressure, in the correct areas. Our Clearwater sprinkler repair team can make sure all your sprinkler heads are up to date and can repair any faulty parts for you with no hassle. Check for Leaks If your bill has been rising fast, then the culprit is probably a leak. A typical leak can in just 15-minutes waste around 230 gallons of water. Leaks can appear in under or overground pipes, due to growing tree roots, mower contact or just general wear and tear. You can make a quick check for leaks by turning off all water outlets and then checking the meter. If it’s still spinning, then you know you have a leak. A sprinkler repair expert can use their specialist knowledge and tools to find the exact location of the leak, and fix the problem to save you money! Choose Optimal Watering Times Adjusting your [...]

Tue, Oct-23, 2018

When Do You Need To Replace Your Sprinkler Heads?

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Replacing damaged sprinkler heads is a common repair job for Irrigation and Sprinkler business owners. A faulty sprinkler head means your garden is going to lose its charm quickly and you’ll be rapidly wasting money on your water bills. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to spot a damaged Sprinkler head and a cheap repair can turn your garden’s fortunes around! Although it can be complicated to know which parts are needed, it’s a task that a Tampa Sprinkler Repair team can come complete swiftly. 1: Identifying Damaged Sprinkler Heads Once you notice an erratic, unreliable or damaged Sprinkler head then you need to identify what type it is. Whether it's a pop-up or impact head, it needs to be the same type as before to fit in with your sprinkler system’s set-up. Replacing a sprinkler head with the wrong model will cause spraying distance and pattern problems that leave your lawn poorly watered. The specifications can usually be found on the nozzle or a label, but if not then the All Phaze experts can have a quick check over and make sure you get the best parts. Although you can change brand, you can't change type without changes further along in your system. 2: Removing the damaged parts The installation process is thankfully inexpensive, but complications can arise if you don’t know what you’re doing. Once the water system is completely turned off, the surrounding dirt will need to be dug out before removing the damaged head with a wrench or pliers. However, the risk is that dirt enters the water line if the hole fills with water. That can cause further problems and damage the new parts shortly after. A professional will know how to avoid harmful amounts of dirt entering and flush the system before leaving. 3: Installing the [...]

Tue, Oct-2, 2018

Why You Should Hire a Sprinkler System Professional in Clearwater, Florida

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If you’re considering installing a Sprinkler System in Clearwater then you’ll need professional help if you want to avoid problems in the future or avoid wasting your money on a system that fails to water your garden to the standards you dream about. An irrigation system that is correctly installed by a professional will be designed to prevent common flaws and need minimal maintenance. Sprinkler Systems are far more complex than many assume. So before you head out into the yard and start making a mess, read over our key reasons as to why you should hire a Professional Clearwater Sprinkler and Irrigation Team. We Pay Attention to Tree Roots Tree roots can cause havoc to an irrigation system. If you have trees in your garden, then their roots must be considered when installing a sprinkler system. As roots grow they can break pipes, change how water drains and cause complicated problems that are expensive to fix. Our professional team will use their experience to plan around tree roots (including planning for their future growth) or clip them when installing pipes. Install a Sprinkler System that meets Florida’s Laws Property owners in Tampa must have backflow prevention devices in their water systems, to prevent water from flowing back into the city’s water supply. Our professional Clearwater team will install these devices, so you meet the city’s requirements while also keeping neighboring water clean. Place Sprinkler Heads at the Correct Heights An often overlooked part of a sprinkler system installation is the height of sprinkler heads. A design flaw as simple as the heads being too high from the surface can cause water to spray poorly, or leave them exposed to mowers that can break them instantly. Our team will take the time to install sprinkler heads to the optimal height. [...]

Tue, Sep-25, 2018

Warning Signs That Show Your Irrigation System Needs Repair

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A well-watered lawn is essential to any healthy garden. The slightest problem with an irrigation system can cause dry patches, disease, wasted water and wasted money. Ignoring faults in a sprinkler system will quickly make matters worse, leaving you with a damaged garden or a big repair job. Spotting the warning signs early can save you money and hassle in the future. Our Clearwater Irrigation Repair team will repair any problem, big or small, to keep your landscape looking luscious and in peak condition. Here are some important warning signs that show your irrigation system needs repair: Visual Warning Signs There are some easy to spot visual cues that suggest a faulty irrigation system, including: Dirty water being sprayed Small holes appearing in your lawn Bubbling water coming out of the sprinkler heads Sunken turf Unusually green patches of grass Mold, mildew or fungus on your lawn Low Water Pressure Changes in Water Pressure Water pressure changes can cause severe watering issues. If the pressure is too low, your grass and plants will fail to receive water. If too high, then parts in the sprinkler system are likely to wear out or break quickly. To check for any faults in the water pressure, turn on your irrigation system and observe how it flows. You should easily be able to spot any unusual behavior in the water flow. If it seems abnormal or appears to fluctuate, then there is a good chance your system has a leak or clog. If this is the case, contacting a repair team is the best option. They can check pipes and pressures without destroying your garden in the process. Erratic Sprinkler Spray If you notice your sprinklers spraying off-target, then it's time to check your sprinkler heads. If there are dirt or debris clogs, you [...]

Wed, Sep-19, 2018

5 Tips for Reviving a Dead Lawn in Florida

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Dead spots, brown spots and worn out patches of grass are painfully irritating for anyone who takes pride in their lawn's appearance. Adverse weather conditions or problems with your irrigation system can leave you with a nasty looking lawn, that you'll want to fix as soon as possible. Thankfully, a dead lawn means you have the chance to start again and discover the errors that caused the problem. But fixing a dead a lawn can be a difficult task, especially if you're new to it. Here are some helpful tips that are key to reviving any dead grass: 1 - De-thatch Your Lawn Thatch can build-up and is often the primary cause of a damaged lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead or diseased grass that is found between soil and a healthy surface layer. It is brown and straw-like in appearance and holds onto excessive amounts of water, which promotes the growth of fungi and lawn disease. De-thatching isn't fun, but in minor cases can be solved with a common garden rake. A de-thatching rake may be needed if the amount of thatch is severe. You'll need to rake the entire lawn, removing any dead grass that lifts up. 2 - Cultivate Regular cultivation is a handy task for any grass that is in desperate need of a helping hand. By using Aerators, you can quickly create holes in your lawn that allow water, light, and air to access the roots of your grass. It will let new grass to grow below and break through the topsoil. 3 - Thorough Fertilization It cannot be stressed enough how important fertilization is, in the process of making a dead lawn look green and healthy again. Fertilizer helps your grass deal with high temperatures and recover from disease or pest damage. A [...]

Wed, Sep-5, 2018

Clearwater Sprinkler Repair Can Reduce Your Water Bills

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Have you ever been in shock when reading your water bill? If it seems like your recent water bills were unexplainable, then it's possible that your sprinkler system is in need of repairs. An unnoticed leak or fault in the system can lead to gallons of water being lost without you even noticing. Underground leaks from sprinkler systems can cause sinkholes and lawn damage that will leave you with costly bills to fix your property. Using our Clearwater Sprinkler Repair Service can solve these problems. We'll analyze your irrigation system and make the fixes it needs, which in turn will reduce your next water bill! How much water can be lost in small leaks? A common leak near a sprinkler head can in just 15-minutes leak around 230 gallons of water. When that 15-minute cycle is repeated throughout the week, thousands of gallons of water will quickly get wasted. This results in your water bill surging in price. How much can water leaks increase water bills? With just one small minor leak on a sprinkler head, you could see a rise in over $20 on your water bills. That's just a minor leak; If your Clearwater Sprinkler system is suffering from something more dramatic, then the bill can double in the space of one month. If you have a large property or an extensive sprinkler system, then the inflation in your water bill could be vast. The price of getting your sprinkler repaired is going to reduce your water bill in the long term, while also increasing the efficiency and quality overall of your sprinkler system. Water Can be Wasted Due To Faulty Parts You probably invested hundreds or thousands of dollars into installing a sprinkler system. But eventually, faults occur as parts get old or damaged through wear and [...]

Mon, Aug-27, 2018

Top Common Sprinkler Repairs in Clearwater

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The hot summers and mild winters in Clearwater, Florida mean that a high quality, luscious lawns needs to be well maintained and well watered. A broken or faulty sprinkler system will fail to reach the standards you want and lead to problems with your lawn, which are hard to fix. At All Phaze Irrigation, we care about the importance of stunning, well-maintained lawns and gardens. That’s why we specialize in Clearwater Sprinkler Repairs. With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing you with a reliable service that is dedicated to bringing yet another Florida garden dream come true! Here are three common faults that are found in sprinkler systems that need fixing: 1 - Clogged Sprinkler Head A clogged sprinkler is a very common problem that can easily cause unpredictable spraying patterns and issues such as flooded pathways or poorly watered area. Clogs usually occur due to dirt and grass clippings getting stuck in the nozzles. A repair will include checking over all the sprinkler heads and cleaning out any dirt or debris. Faulty or damaged sprinkler heads and nozzles will also be replaced, to improve efficiency. 2 - Leaks Leaks can be caused very easily. A lawnmower catching a pipe or a shovel hitting a sprinkler head can quickly cause serious problems. In a small space of time, you may find abnormally high water bills or poorly watered areas. If the water doesn’t reach the correct areas you'll end up with soggy or dry patches, that are hard to fix and potentially the causes of weeds and disease. Our All Phaze, clearwater sprinkler repair service will professionally dig up any leaking water heads or pipes and neatly replace both the culprit part and the turf. 3 - Broken Valves A valve is essential to any high-quality [...]

Tue, Jul-24, 2018

Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Worth Repairing or Replacing your Sprinkler System

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A Sprinkler System may seem like it only needs repairs when it’s blatantly obvious. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Leaks, controller errors and small faults can all add up to rising utility bills and land that is far from the beauty you’re looking for. Here are the key reasons for sprinkler repair, that any Sprinkler System owner shouldn’t overlook:

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