Now Is the Time to Add Security Landscape Lighting to Your Home

  • Now Is the Time to Add Security Landscape Lighting to Your Home

Now Is the Time to Add Security Landscape Lighting to Your Home

Installing security landscape lighting is essential to prevent burglars and to fight off trespassers quickly. However, just because you need security lights doesn’t mean they can’t also look nice. Here are some tips on how to get the perfect balance between Fort Knox and taste.

Light Up Your Driveway

Placing some security lighting on your driveway is a quick and easy way to secure your car while also adding ambiance that provides real curb appeal. Intruders will think twice about approaching your property, as it suggests someone is home. We suggest:

  • In-Ground LEDs (Uplighting)
  • Downlighting (You can cast attractive shadows)
  • Posts and Pillars (They’ll help you when parking at night too)
  • Bollards

Protect Your Doors and Windows

No one’s going to break in through a wall, so put your focus on doors and windows. Mounted security landscaping lights like accents and grazing LEDs can be placed very close to the house and in any direction you like. They allow the light to gently fade out over a distance, which lights up your home in style but deters intruders!

  • Fix lights above or below your windows or doors.
  • Don’t leave any entrances or windows in the shadows.
  • Don’t forget the back gate!


Light up the paths on your property in style with poles, posts or in-ground LEDs. With a wide range of landscape lights available, you can pick a style suitable for your home (such as a lantern or contemporary design). You’ll also help yourself walk at night.

Step Lighting

Fit small LEDs next to your outdoor steps. Position them slightly above each step so they shine down on multiple levels. This will secure your yard whilst looking stylish.

Moon Lighting

Moon lighting will set your property apart from your neighbors. Place some lights at the top of any trees in your yard, facing downwards. The lights will shine through the branches, casting beautiful light below. It’s a great way to boost security around your home with elegance.

Flood Lights

Ok, we’ve got the pretty lights covered. But what about when you hear a noise in the night? You’ll need floodlights.

From the moment they turn on, no one can hide as they flood the darkness with light. Fix these to the walls on each side of your house. When coupled with motion sensors, floodlights are the ultimate option for landscape lighting security.

  • Fix them on each side of the house.
  • Point them at large spaces and entrance points.
  • Prevent anyone from hiding in the shadows

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are brilliant for floodlights. The moment someone sets foot on your property, those flood lights will shine on them and scare them off. They won’t have anywhere to hide, so they won’t bother coming back either. Most motion sensors can be connected to your CCTV circuit too.

Key Tips for Attractive Security Landscape Lighting

  • Security landscape lighting needs to be installed in the place you want to protect most.
  • All security landscape lighting fixtures must be waterproof.
  • Find a style of fixture that complements the style of your home.
  • Using automated controls is possible.
  • Use ambient LEDs to illuminate your home in style, with floodlights as your emergency security option.
  • Avoid placing lights too close together to avoid a messy claustrophobic atmosphere.
  • Consider colored LEDs to add character.

Planning Security Landscape Lighting

To plan secure yet attractive security landscape lighting, ask yourself:

  • Which areas need to be highlighted?
  • Where do I need motion sensors?
  • Which areas need floodlights?
  • Which areas contain shadows where intruders could hide?
  • Does my property look “alive” and secure at night? (Make sure it does)

Security Landscape Lighting Service in FL

If you want to transform your property into a stylish yet secure fortress, contact All Phaze Irrigation. As experts in security landscape lighting in Florida, they’ll advise you on which bulbs and fixtures are best for your home, ensuring intruders stay away.

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