Pool Pump Service, Installation & Repair

Thinking about Pool Pump Service, Installation or Repair?

Here at All Phaze Irrigation, your pool pump service, installation & repair provider, we professionally install many types of high quality pool pumps throughout the entire Pinellas County, Pasco County and Hillsborough County area. It is extremely important to purchase the correct pool pump as choosing the proper pool pump can reduce the energy cost of maintaining a pool. Differences in design will affect cost and efficiency.
Pinellas County, Pasco County and Hillsborough County Pool Pump Service, Installation & Repair Provider

Some Examples of Pool Pumps

  • 1 Speed
  • 2 Speed
  • Variable Speed
  • Above Ground
  • Inground

While the cost of purchasing a new pool pump can be at a premium, pool owners can get overwhelmed at the many different options available to choose from. Different brands and models now have options and technologies unlike traditional pumps. Horsepower, voltage, flow rate and rpm are important factors when choosing/installing your new pool pump.

Pool Pump Service, Installation & Repair Provider

Some Examples of Common Pool Pump Problems

My pool pump is noisy

Make sure you identify that it is indeed the pump that is making the noise. If it is a grinding sound, then there may be something like a pebble or other debris lodged in the impeller, and usually requires dismantling the pump to dislodge. Most commonly, the condition is failed bearings in the motor. This can happen simply because they are of poorer quality these days, being manufactured overseas; but more than likely there has been some water damage to the pump resulting in moisture getting to the bearings and causing corrosion. Whatever the cause, your pool pump should be relatively quiet and not be the source of noise pollution in your backyard. Hire a qualified Spectrum pool contractor to diagnose the problem and provide the best solution.

My pool pump will not turn on

All pool circulation systems have a timer to turn the pump off and on at preset times, with the exception of spa jet pumps that are manually operated. Besides manual switches, some newer homes are equipped with programmable automation systems, a set of circuit breakers either at the equipment pad and/or at the house service panel, and for additional safety, there may be a GFCI installed in the circuit to prevent electrocution. With all these factors, we always recommend that you hire a professional to find and fix the problem.

My pool water does not circulate

This could be the result of a shrunken fitting going into the inlet of the pool pump causing it to pull in air and lose the ability to prime. This happens usually when the water in the pool gets too low and then the pool pump runs without water causing it to steam the small amount of water it does have and reaching high temperatures. The plastic or pvc fittings that are threaded in and out of the pool pump will shrink, as will also the pool pump seal causing another source of air. If it does actually catch prime, then water may leak out of the top fitting and through the seal plate onto the ground. Of course, the filter may be extremely dirty or there may be an obstruction in the suction line. This is another cause for calling your pool pump service, installation and repair specialist, All Phaze Irrigation.

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Landscape Lighting

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