Lawn Repair Advice After Flooding in Tampa

  • Lawn Repair Advice After Flooding in Tampa

Lawn Repair Advice After Flooding in Tampa

Repairing your lawn after flooding in Tampa is important so that your grass regrows healthily and is free from diseases that can be hard to remove.

Thousands of Tampa and Pinellas County residents experienced flooding during Hurricane Idalia, leaving us with many requests for lawn repair and drainage services.

Here is some expert lawn repair advice to help you save things after a Flood in Tampa:

Lawn Repair After Hurricane Idalia

Clean Debris

  • Once the water has receded, you’ll need to clear away all the junk and debris that has arrived with the flood.
  • Branches, twigs, trash and other debris all need to go. If not, you’ll be stepping on it next summer or getting it caught up in your mower.

Remove Salt Water

  • The water that arrived from the Gulf during Hurricane Idalia was full of salt. That can change the pH levels of your soil, causing it to never return to a healthy level.
  • We advise you to flush out that lingering salt with your garden hose. Turn the water pressure up and flush out the top layer of soil.
  • If you’re using your irrigation sprinklers, keep them on for longer than usual.

Reduce Soil Compaction

  • Next, you need to try and minimize the compactness of your lawn’s soil.
  • Try not to walk on it too much during this time. It needs to breathe, which is best done via aerating (described below).

Aerate Your Lawn

  • Lawn aeration is the process of creating thousands of tiny holes in the soil so air and sunlight can directly reach the roots of the grass and so the flood damage can dry.
  • Ideally, you should aerate when you see new growth appearing. After that, your soil can receive the nutrients it needs!

Balance the Soil with Gypsum

  • You can also add gypsum to your yard to help replace the salt particles with calcium.
  • Some people use limes, but that can affect soil pH whereas gypsum won’t.
  • You can do this every few days, but ensure you water it deeply after.

Improve Your Lawn’s Drainage

  • We advise you to take this opportunity to see how you can improve your lawn’s drainage system.
  • With a well-designed drainage system (utilizing topography changes and drains), you can reduce flooding by directing water run-off to exits and away from your lawn and home.
  • Please feel free to contact our expert Tampa lawn drainage service team to see how we can improve your home’s flood drainage.

Consider New Sod

  • In some cases, the damage done is significant enough that it’s wise to just lay new sod entirely. This is best in cases where there has been significant flooding and the efforts of reseeding are too much.
  • New sod service is a great way to get a quick, glowing green lawn down. Though, please ensure you go over our previous steps first.
  • We welcome you to contact our experienced Tampa sod installation team today.

Lawn Drainage in Tampa, Florida

Contact All Phaze Irrigation today if you require a lawn drainage service or new sod installation in Tampa. Our expert team regularly helps people with inadequate drainage overcome their flooding issues for the future.

Pinellas County and Pasco County, Florida.

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