Top Landscape Drainage Solutions: How to Prevent Flooding

  • Top Landscape Drainage Solutions: How to Prevent Flooding

Top Landscape Drainage Solutions: How to Prevent Flooding

When asked how to prevent flooding, our first answer is always landscape drainage solutions. With rain hitting hard recently, many of our clients have been reaching out for help.

Sadly, we can’t control the weather but we have put together this blog to showcase the best tips and tricks for flood prevention in your yard.

Remember – prevention is the best approach. These landscape drainage solutions can save you a lot of time, money and work – from home foundation damage to plant and lawn destruction.

Redesign Your Drainage System

The wisest thing you can do is to get a well-designed drainage system designed. Not everyone wants to completely flatten or redesign their yard, but a well-designed drainage system can be installed around your existing topography.

Drains and trenches, such as a ‘French drain’ system can direct surface runoff water and groundwater away from flood-prone areas and your home – taking water underground and out of sight. These drains are fantastic at controlling the flow of water and utilise pipes and empties in low-lying areas.

The set-up of your gutter system might need redesigning too. Rainwater needs to be directed away from flood-prone areas and away from your home.

By contacting a drainage service company, you can learn how to prevent flooding fast.

Level Slopes That Cause Flooding

One of the most common landscape drainage solutions is to redirect incoming water by leveling slopes that lead to your home.

Our drainage services can locate the high and low points around your property and create slopes that redirect rainwater away from flood-prone areas. Swales can also be created, which are depressions that carry water from one area to another, following the contour of a slope.

Working with the pros is advised to avoid pipes, drains, vents and basement windows being impacted.

Clear Water from Flooded Walkways

Patios, paths and sidewalks often sit lower than the yard which results in standing water during rainstorms. It can take days to evaporate, leaving the surface to get damaged and become unusable.

The answer is drainage. One solution is of course to raise the level of the walkways. Or you can install drains that are connected to pipes that run into channels, such as french drains,

Drains with grates these days can be attractive and stylish, so it’s a no-brainer if you’re asking how to prevent flooding on your walkways.

Create a Rain Garden

Consider turning flood-prone areas in your yard into a rain garden.

A rain garden is a plant bed that fills a depression in the ground with plants that thrive in standing water – such as Japanese silver grass and ferns.

They can be any size and can transform that ugly swampy area into a new, elegant garden.

If you have multiple flood areas, then you can direct water from one area to another with a trench or perforated pipe.

Add Drainage Near Driveways

Captain obvious here perhaps, but paved driveways don’t soak up water well. That can cause rainwater to runoff and risk flooding your home.

Gravel or spaced paver driveways are an option, but one of our favorite landscape drainage solutions is to add trenches, channel drains and pavers alongside the driveways for controlled, neat and tidy flood prevention.

Add New Grass to Prevent Flooding

New turf can help prevent flooding as the root structure helps absorb water. There are various types of grass that you can grow or lay down, so consider a drainage service company reviewing your yard for a professional suggestion.

Use Mulch to Slow Water Flow

Mulch, such as wood chips, can slow the flow of water. Mulch holds water in place in areas that are prone to unwanted rivers. Make sure the mulch is at least six inches from your siding to avoid damage to your home’s exterior.

Consider New Sod

Did you know that a better type of sod can prevent flooding? If your current sod is like clay and doesn’t soak up water, then it’ll flood fast. Soil and sod like this are sometimes leftover by construction workers.

A sod service provider can advise on how to prevent flooding with the best soil for your yard.

Inspect Blocked and Damaged Drains

Blocked drains might be one of many causes of your flooding yard. A common landscape drainage solution is to clear them out, fix collapsed drains and get them working better than ever.

Just like when your shower or sink overflows due to a blockage somewhere in your plumbing, guttering and drains can also quickly overflow if leaves or other debris have got stuck.

Landscape Drainage Solutions Near Me in Clearwater

Too many times we see people overlook their drainage and pipework. Then heavy rain arrives and it’s too late. The floods take over. Don’t make those same mistakes.

If you’re interested in preventing flooding with landscape drainage solutions then contact us today. All Phaze irrigation is Clearwater’s leading irrigation and drainage company and would love to help you prevent flooding.

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