How to Level a Lawn Correctly

How to Level a Lawn Correctly

If your yard is flooding or is just generally bumpy, then you should level your lawn. In minor cases, this can be done by hand with a shovel and some soil mix. But in more extreme cases, you should consider a new sod service where a professional will resolve the issues under the soil and provide a pristine flat new layer of sod above.

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Does My Lawn Need Levelling?

Here are the top reasons your lawn could do with being leveled:

  • It struggles with drainage.
  • It floods.
  • It isn’t flat, posing risks of tripping on.
  • It feels bumpy and uneven.

Preparing to Level Your Lawn

Before you start to level the lawn, you should plan in advance to determine how much of the yard needs leveling and where. This is also a critical moment to check where drainage problems are and if there are any damaged water pipes.

Check for Drainage Issues

If there are slopes that cause drainage issues then it is wise to get a drainage service from a professional like AllPhaze. We can assess your yard and make changes that ensure the water drains away correctly, to avoid flooding.

Depth Check

Identify which areas of the lawn are slightly too shallow and which have deep holes or slopes that you’d like to remove. These areas will need to be flattened or recoiled with a soil/sand mix that levels things out.

Pre-Water Your Lawn

In the days before leveling, you should water your lawn to prevent the soil from being too hard for adjustment. However, you should keep a close eye on the soil becoming too wet as that can be just as difficult to manage.

Leveling Shallow Spots

Areas of your lawn that are just 1-2 cm lower than the rest of the yard should receive a dressing mixture directly. You can shake out a thin layer over the problem area and level it out with a rake or by hand. Ensure you compact the soil down and lightly water it to aid compaction.

After a few days, you can start to re-seed the grass with another gentle dusting of soil mix. Follow our usual watering tips for healthy grass growth.

Leveling Deep Spots

For areas of the lawn that have dropped below 2 cm in depth, you’ll need to take a different approach. Using a shovel, you’ll need to cut into the center and the edges of the bump in a cross shape. Cut around 4-5 cm deep and cut each section of the gross horizontally. Try to maintain an even thickness of soil. Gently remove the edges of the turf so you can lay them flat.

Get a New Sod Service

The easiest and often most effective solution is to get a new sod service. AllPhaze can remove your existing lawn, level out what’s below and apply a smooth and vibrant lawn above. We can also take this opportunity to correct any drainage issues and install irrigation if needed.

What Causes Uneven Lawns?


Animals are the usual culprit when it comes to uneven lawns. Cats, dogs and rodents can dig little holes in your yard that fill up with water or debris and never recover.

General Use

Some lawns can just gain wear and tear over time; this is especially true if you have kids who are playing on the lawn. Sports like soccer and football are especially damaging. Now, there’s no reason to stop your kids from playing but lawn leveling may be required to protect them from injury.


Earthworms are a silent nuisance in the lawn world. Every year they shift around 2,000 pounds of soil to the surface.


Flooding during hurricane season or winter is a common reason for uneven lawns. Once water settles it can erode the soil, leaving holes and long-term damage.

A lawn leveling itself can reduce the chances of flooding, but we also advise an improved drainage system on your property.

Soil Settlement

If your yard has rocks and debris below the surface, it can cause issues on the surface too. We advise that you clear the soil below and re-sod the top layer.

New Sod Service in Tampa, Florida

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