How to Improve Drainage In Your Yard

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How to Improve Drainage In Your Yard

Drainage is an overlooked area of general garden and lawn maintenance, which if neglected can quickly leave you with a bunch of problems to fix. When excessive water and rain fails to drain away properly, it can cause flooding. Flooding can destroy a lawn, leave standing water, promote the growth of disease and potentially affect neighbors too.

With some easy and simple steps, however, you can improve your drainage system and prevent floods. Our Clearwater Irrigation Team can also analyze and take care of your irrigation and drainage systems if you need the help of a professional and local team.

Keep Leaves out of Drains and Gutters

Even the very best, self-sufficient irrigation systems can’t prevent leaves getting blown into drains and gutters. A simple leaf clog can quickly cause flooding and potentially more significant problems. Use a rake or leaf blower to clear up any leaves that may collect on storm drains to prevent this.

A simple clear out of leaves in your drains and gutters every few months can save you from a lot of trouble in the long run.

Avoid Leaving Leaves and Dead Vegetation On Your Property

If you’ve been working on your garden and have a pile of leaves or discarded plants, be careful not to leave them in areas where they can get washed or blown towards sprinkler heads or drain covers.

Check for leaks or damage to pipes if you see flooding

If you suspect there is a deeper problem with your irrigation system and have noticed flooding, then try to inspect your property for any signs of leaks and damage. If possible, direct the water flow away from your home’s foundations and towards drains.

Get an expert to check for leaking valves or Low Head Drainage Problems

An expert can come and visit your property to make a full inspection and solve any issues that could be causing flooding. Unattended water damage can cause mold, mildew stains and weaken your home’s structure.

Low Head Drainage issues can arise when water continues to drain out after the sprinkler system has been turned off, due to elevation changes. The addition of a check valve in sprinkler heads can solve this matter instantly.

Do you need a drainage system fitted?

Even if you have an existing drainage system, it may be best to include new pipes to clear water out. Our team can determine what will be best for you and if needed, quickly install a french drainage system that will prolong and improve the quality of your lawn and garden.

If flooding and standing water become a common problem then a ledge, trench or hidden pipes can be installed to direct runoff water away from your garden or house. A catch basin can also be added discretely to catch any water that accumulates.

A professional irrigation team will dig while installing, carefully and in a manner that doesn’t affect your garden’s look. Piping can be added below ground and pipe outlets will be camouflaged and disguised.

Call the Clearwater Professionals

If you notice flooding or leaks on your property, it could well be because of a drainage flaw. If clearing leaves and debris hasn’t solved the flooding, then save yourself the hassle and call our Clearwater Irrigation Repair team to inspect your drainage system and fix or install a new french drain quickly and efficiently!

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