Clearwater Sprinkler Repair Can Reduce Your Water Bills

  • Clearwater Sprinkler Repair

Clearwater Sprinkler Repair Can Reduce Your Water Bills

Have you ever been in shock when reading your water bill? If it seems like your recent water bills were unexplainable, then it’s possible that your sprinkler system is in need of repairs. An unnoticed leak or fault in the system can lead to gallons of water being lost without you even noticing. Underground leaks from sprinkler systems can cause sinkholes and lawn damage that will leave you with costly bills to fix your property. Using our Clearwater Sprinkler Repair Service can solve these problems. We’ll analyze your irrigation system and make the fixes it needs, which in turn will reduce your next water bill!

How much water can be lost in small leaks?

A common leak near a sprinkler head can in just 15-minutes leak around 230 gallons of water. When that 15-minute cycle is repeated throughout the week, thousands of gallons of water will quickly get wasted. This results in your water bill surging in price.

How much can water leaks increase water bills?

With just one small minor leak on a sprinkler head, you could see a rise in over $20 on your water bills. That’s just a minor leak; If your Clearwater Sprinkler system is suffering from something more dramatic, then the bill can double in the space of one month. If you have a large property or an extensive sprinkler system, then the inflation in your water bill could be vast. The price of getting your sprinkler repaired is going to reduce your water bill in the long term, while also increasing the efficiency and quality overall of your sprinkler system.

Water Can be Wasted Due To Faulty Parts

You probably invested hundreds or thousands of dollars into installing a sprinkler system. But eventually, faults occur as parts get old or damaged through wear and tear. These faults can sometimes be hard to spot but can fail to water your lawn optimally and also cause rising bills.

Faulty Sprinkler Heads
Sprinkler heads are the final component in your sprinkler system. They control which direction the water goes and allow for even water spray. When they have problems you’re left with under or over watered areas that you might end up trying to fix manually. Whether it’s a clog or a fault in how high they rise that needs fixing, a repair job will increase the efficiency of your sprinkler system and allow you to use less water.

Broken Valves
Valves within your system may be failing to close all the way, causing leaks below the ground and water being wasted. A Clearwater Sprinkler Repair Service will include performing pressure tests to identify any possible leaks and drops in pressure from your irrigation system. We’ll then get to work, professionally fixing the valve and stopping your system from leaking gallons of water!

All Phaze’s Clearwater Sprinkler Repair Can Save Your System and Save you money.

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