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Thu, Sep-13, 2018

How to Improve Drainage In Your Yard

By |September 13th, 2018|Categories: Drainage, Watering|Tags: , , |Comments Off on How to Improve Drainage In Your Yard

Drainage is an overlooked area of general garden and lawn maintenance, which if neglected can quickly leave you with a bunch of problems to fix. When excessive water and rain fails to drain away properly, it can cause flooding. Flooding can destroy a lawn, leave standing water, promote the growth of disease and potentially affect neighbors too. With some easy and simple steps, however, you can improve your drainage system and prevent floods. Our Clearwater Irrigation Team can also analyze and take care of your irrigation and drainage systems if you need the help of a professional and local team. Keep Leaves out of Drains and Gutters Even the very best, self-sufficient irrigation systems can't prevent leaves getting blown into drains and gutters. A simple leaf clog can quickly cause flooding and potentially more significant problems. Use a rake or leaf blower to clear up any leaves that may collect on storm drains to prevent this. A simple clear out of leaves in your drains and gutters every few months can save you from a lot of trouble in the long run. Avoid Leaving Leaves and Dead Vegetation On Your Property If you've been working on your garden and have a pile of leaves or discarded plants, be careful not to leave them in areas where they can get washed or blown towards sprinkler heads or drain covers. Check for leaks or damage to pipes if you see flooding If you suspect there is a deeper problem with your irrigation system and have noticed flooding, then try to inspect your property for any signs of leaks and damage. If possible, direct the water flow away from your home's foundations and towards drains. Get an expert to check for leaking valves or Low Head Drainage Problems An expert can come and [...]

Tue, Aug-14, 2018

10 Landscape Lighting Tips

By |August 14th, 2018|Categories: Landscape Lighting|Tags: , |Comments Off on 10 Landscape Lighting Tips

Yard lighting and outdoor landscape lighting can be overlooked in terms of its importance. Homeowners and businesses typically think only about illumination, and not the affects a more cared for lighting kit can have. Here are some key tips to think about before you spend.

Tue, Aug-7, 2018

Best Advice for Watering your Lawn during Summer

By |August 7th, 2018|Categories: Irrigation System, Sprinkler System, Watering|Tags: , , |Comments Off on Best Advice for Watering your Lawn during Summer

Watering your Lawn during the summer isn’t quite as simple as everyone believes. Sunlight that can damage and dry out grass has led to the myth that it needs watering when it’s hot and sunny during the day. In fact, this can actually damage your garden due to the magnification of the sun’s rays from the water. Good techniques can help prevent disease and insect growth whilst keeping your lawn lush: Use your eyes An easy way to see if the grass is in need of an urgent watering is to walk over it. If your footprints don’t disappear quickly after walking over it, it’s because its blades are too dry to spring back! Morning is the Optimal Time for Watering your Lawn The morning is the ideal time to water your lawn. It may seem like your grass will need refreshing in the mid-day sun, but that water will be wasted as it dries out too quickly and actually magnifies the sun’s intensity. Instead, aim to have your sprinkler system set up to work in the A.M. It will do the work for you when the air is cooler and the wind is typically still, so water isn’t blown away. Evening watering is also not ideal, due to the fact temperatures will drop off significantly during the night and disease of your grass will be a serious risk. The water will just stay on the grass, helping to create fungus. The optimal times to have your sprinkler system running will be typically in the 4. am. to 10.a.m window. Healthy Soil Absorption is Essential It’s the not all about the grass, the soil is the key to your lawn’s health. During summer, water run off can become a problem. This occurs when watered too quickly. So, it is important [...]

Wed, Aug-1, 2018

Top 5 Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System

By |August 1st, 2018|Categories: Irrigation System|Tags: , |Comments Off on Top 5 Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System

Most property owners use an excessive amount of water and time, in attempts to keep their landscapes alive and well. They often believe Installing an Irrigation System is unnecessary, that they can reach the same standards by doing the job themselves.

Tue, Jul-24, 2018

Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Worth Repairing or Replacing your Sprinkler System

By |July 24th, 2018|Categories: Sprinkler Repair|Tags: , , |Comments Off on Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Worth Repairing or Replacing your Sprinkler System

A Sprinkler System may seem like it only needs repairs when it’s blatantly obvious. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Leaks, controller errors and small faults can all add up to rising utility bills and land that is far from the beauty you’re looking for. Here are the key reasons for sprinkler repair, that any Sprinkler System owner shouldn’t overlook:

Fri, Nov-10, 2017

Five Things to Know About Sprinkler Maintenance

By |November 10th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |Comments Off on Five Things to Know About Sprinkler Maintenance

It seems like everything in life requires maintenance.  Your air conditioner, your health, your dog and even your sprinkler system repairs require some attention.  Left unattended the sprinkler system will under-perform the job you bought it to do.   More and more Florida business owners and home owners are relying on automated sprinkler systems to maintain the beauty of their property.  An automated system when running properly can save time and effort and money.   Taking care of that system a few times a year can also save money in the long run. 1. It's easier to take care of them now rather than later. Sprinkler system repairs are a maintenance item that when attended to on a regular basis at least twice or three times per year will keep problems nipped in the bud and are much less costly when repaired sooner.  People who spend time in nature are happier, so keep your stacation spot looking and feeling great with a little walk through the sprinklers. Any delay in the repair can cause damage to your flowers, shrubs or lanscaping, as well as continued deterioration of the system itself.  And if the system needs a repair in one or more spots, there's also a loss of water, which can increase your bill.  We suggest a simple inspection a few times a year and some preventative maintenance to prevent any bigger issues down the road. 2. Sprinkler Obstruction When planting new shrubs or flowers, be sure to check first to ensure the sprinkler spray will not be obstructed.  Positioning garbage cans or new plants in front of a sprinkler can cause dry spots where the water was supposed to flow.  Check your current landscaping as well to ensure that plant growth hasn't blocked the path of water flow.  Sometimes the best fix is just [...]

Wed, Oct-18, 2017

The Importance of an Irrigation System

By |October 18th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , , , , , |Comments Off on The Importance of an Irrigation System

If you are looking for an irrigation system, here are some of the questions we get frequently and the answers to them.  We want to help you design the best care for your property. Why is it important to install an irrigation system in a lawn? While we're all tempted to buy a spinning sprinkler at the hardware store, a well designed irrigation system insures that our landscaping will look great and grow for years and years.  Irrigation systems can reduce water use, as well as sod and plant replacement due to drought or insects that plague areas of Florida. If you are looking for a professional irrigation company in Tampa Bay and the surrounding area, All Phaze designs systems to meet water requirements of the plants and grass you've chosen and to spread water evenly throughout the property. If you are interested in learning more about saving water (and money)  with a well, click here. Do different types of grasses require different amounts of water? Yes, different grasses need different amounts of water.  The amount for Zoysia grass, a hardy sod differens from Bahia.  The amount of water needed can also depend on the type of soil.  Our guys know whats going to work best with what's in your design. Do your irrigation systems prevent over-watering? All irrigation systems have a rain sensor, required by building codes.  The rain sensor shuts off the system when a certain amount of water is detected.   Other irrigation systems have SMART controls that monitor the weather, water in the soil, etc and adjust your sprinklers accordingly. We will happily talk with you to decide which system works best with your landscape design, the water needs of the design and your need to stay on budget. At All Phaze Irrigation we appreciate that you [...]

Wed, Oct-4, 2017

Lighting: Beauty, Safety and Security

By |October 4th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorized|Comments Off on Lighting: Beauty, Safety and Security

Don't foget the landscape lighting when sculpting the look and feel of your property.  Landscape lighting can increase curb appreal, show off the beauty your hard work on the lawn and create ambiance on the property.  Some ideas include illuminating a garden wall to show texture and interest in the view from the curb.   Highlight a feature that deserves attention, whether it's a fountain, a waterfall, or garden bed.  Crossing beams or having several lights can create a focal point for all to see. In addition to curb appeal, landscape lighting can also help with safety around the home.  It's great to have a porch light, but in addtion, brightening up the walkways to your door can help keep your visitors and family members safe when walking to the door and allowing for quick entry.  We recommend that this lighting is not too bright.  You need to be able to see, but a strong light can interfere with security cameras, or create more night blindness making it harder to see beyond the  circle of light.  Lights that are too bright may also annoy your neighbors! Landscape Lighting for Security Don't forget that your landscape lighting can work for you.  Consumer Reports in 2014 recommended lighting up the outdoors to make your home more secure.  The more a home is lit, the less likely a burglary will occur. We recommend lighting your backyard.  Most people know to light the house from the street, but buglars aren't always interested in coming to your front door.  A well light backyard can help deter them from being interested in your home.  Especially be sure that any place a person could hide is well lit in both the front and back yard. Other Landscaping Security Ideas Use motion sensors for your lighting at the doors.  In [...]

Thu, Sep-7, 2017

A Well Can Save Money By Tapping Into Ground Water

By |September 7th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorized|Comments Off on A Well Can Save Money By Tapping Into Ground Water

Digging a well on your property can actually save you money on your metered utility water bill.  With a sprinkler or irrigation system watering your landscaping you can spend hundreds a month to have the lush lawn you desire.  By digging a well you can tap into an aquifor and raise that ground water up, supplying it to your sprinklers and irrigation system. A shallow well will pay for itself in about one year (cost of installation around $2400) and a deep one will reap you savings benefits in year two.  The cost of digging a deeper well can vary depending on how deep the drilling goes to reach the aquifor, but usually runs about $5500.  If you have a large property a deep well is needed  because of the amount of water used to irrigate the property.  One of the benefits of digging deeper is unlimited water. If you have a pond or lake on the property, that too can be a great source of free water for your landscaping.  If you just moved to your location, you might want to look around first to see if ground water is already being pumped.  You'll see a cupped pipe coming up out of the ground for about 18 inches.  Tapping into the ground water or aquifor will leave a pipe standing up out of your property.  You can lnadscape around it, masking it with plants, bushes, florals, etc.  But be sure not to plant anything with  invasive roots that will damage the pipes and leave you with a growing mess. In addition to saving money on water bills for irrigation, well water can be used for other things around your home.  Use it to power the kids' slip and slide, fill your pool, wash your mini-van or clean off the [...]

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