What Type of Home Irrigation Do You Need to Get a Dream Yard?

  • What Type of Home Irrigation Do You Need to Get a Dream Yard?

What Type of Home Irrigation Do You Need to Get a Dream Yard?

Deciding what type of home irrigation system you install can have a large impact on how your yard and plants grow. We regularly see homeowners with flooded or under-watered lawns, purely because their irrigation system isn’t right for their needs.

As experts in irrigation installation in Florida, we’ve made this quick guide to get you started. As always, feel free to call us today for more advice and expert installation.

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What Type of Home Irrigation Do I Need?

Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinklers are the ‘standard’ type of home irrigation system. They fire out water above ground, allowing them to cover large areas and overcome obstacles. They can rotate, allowing for large coverage with minimal devices.

In terms of sprinkler choice, you have two options:

  • Moveable hose-connected sprinklers (cheaper option for occasional, flexible watering).
  • Automated, pop-up sprinklers (reliable and consistent watering, with automated hideaway heads & no risk of hose tripping).

The Benefits of a Sprinkler Irrigation System

  • By supplying overhead water, you can target large areas of your hard with a few sprinkler heads.
  • You can target large areas of plants and bushes.
  • Very versatile and can be used almost anywhere on your property.
  • There’s no need to worry about gravity, you can even have a sprinkler system pointing up a slope.

Perfect For:

  • Yards with plants that need regular watering.
  • Large areas and lawns.
  • Non-disruptive installation.

Trickle or Drip Irrigation

Trickle drip irrigation is the most precise type of home irrigation system around. It works by placing irrigation lines around your yard, with small holes located at the desired watering points.

The lines slowly drip water out, providing consistent and efficient watering directly to the plants. The water then flows directly to the roots of the plants in a natural manner.

Benefits of Trickle or Drip Irrigation:

  • Control over the precise location of watering.
  • Economically the best option – no wasted water.
  • The flow of water is slow, so water is easily absorbed into the ground and to the roots of the plant.
  • Little chance for excess water and runoff, so no risk of flooding your yard or causing over-watering.
  • Reduces the chance of weed growth.

Perfect For:

  • Plants and fruit and vegetables.
  • Precise, tight locations that would be overwhelmed or flooded by sprinklers.

Subsurface Irrigation

Subsurface irrigation is very similar to the trickle type of home irrigation, as it releases water through emitters and tubes. However, this option sees the tubes located below the ground.

Benefits of Subsurface Irrigation:

  • Low energy consumption due to low pressure and low water demands.
  • Can be automated.
  • Watering directly to the roots.
  • Hidden irrigation pipes have an aesthetic value.

Perfect For:

Surface Irrigation

A surface irrigation system is a blend of a trickle-drip system and a sprinkler system.

Using irrigation lines and/or carefully crafted troughs and ditches, the system uses gravity and the shape of your yard to flood the area with water. The land then naturally distributes the water across the soil.


  • Adjustments in the landscape can allow for natural watering through rainwater.
  • Save water and energy through natural watering.
  • No modern technology is required, just well-planned landscape changes.
  • Minimal maintenance.

Perfect For:

  • Areas that are prone to flooding, where they’d benefit from watering being redirected.
  • Large yards with flowing slopes and elevation changes.

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