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Tampa Irrigation

Our Tampa irrigation team knows that a fully functioning and optimized watering system is arguably more important here than anywhere else in the country. With the unique blend of baking hot seasons and hurricane seasons, homeowners need a system adapted to the frequent changes in weather.

Our Tampa irrigation team can fit a robust system that gets that luscious lawn of your dreams!

How Does Tampa Irrigation Work?

Irrigation is a system that is designed to allow your lawn and yard to get all the water it needs. Without a well-designed and functioning irrigation system, your grass will dry out or get overwatered. That will lead to mold, disease and dead grass, rather than the luscious, green carpet you deserve!

Our Tampa irrigation team regularly installs the following types of irrigation systems:

In-Ground Sprinkler Systems

In-ground sprinkler systems utilize pop-up, automatic sprinklers. These sprinklers hide away, and flush with the ground when not in use. When the automated timer tells them to come on, the water pressure pushes them above the surface and they get to work.

In-ground sprinkler systems required underground piping, making them a real nuisance to install DIY. It’s advised that you use a professional Tampa irrigation company that will neatly install the system with electronic controllers and solenoid valves.

Above-Ground Sprinkler Systems

Alternatively, you can use above-ground sprinkler systems. These use above-ground pipes and hoses, carefully placed to spray the yard. While these systems are great for flower beds and hedges, they aren’t ideal for lawns as you have to manually move the hoses every day. Especially on days when you want to mow the lawn.

Do I Need an Irrigation System?

If you can say yes to these questions, then yes it’s time to go get an irrigation system installed:

  • Do you want a consistently watered lawn and yard?
  • Are you tired of dead, dried-out grass and plants?
  • Are you tired of overwatered, flooded areas in your yard?
  • Is your water bill higher than you’d like?
  • Would you like an automated sprinkler and drainage system?

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Can You Install an Irrigation System in Tampa?

Yes! We regularly install irrigation and sprinkler systems on residential and commercial properties throughout Tampa.

We’re experts on the matter. We can take a look at your property and provide advanced solutions that ensure your yard is watered properly and drains correctly. No more flooding, no more unexpectedly high water bills!

Our team is made up of careful installers, taking care to keep your property clean and not looking like a bomb site!

Can You Repair My Irrigation System?

Of course! We are well adapted to modernizing and refreshing tired or faulty irrigation systems, including those with broken sprinkler heads, controllers, electric wiring, cracked pipes, leaks, flooding, water pressure issues and unexpectedly high water bills!

We know that it’s not just your lawn at risk when a Tampa irrigation system breaks, but the entire property! Give us a call today if you need an emergency Tampa irrigation repair job.

What Tampa Irrigation Company to Trust?

When looking for a Tampa irrigation company, the fundamental factors to look for are:

  • Experience
  • Licensing
  • Reviews

Here at All Phaze Irrigation, we’re locally operated and have been installing irrigation systems throughout Tampa for over 20 years!

We’re fully licensed, bonded and insured (FL License #CFC-1429968).

We also use the finest quality brands such as Rainbird® Toro® Hunter® and Irritrol®.

Irrigation Service in Tampa, Florida

Contact All Phaze Irrigation today if you’re looking for an irrigation repair or irrigation installation in Tampa, Florida.

Pinellas County and Pasco County, Florida.

As experts in sprinklers, irrigation and sod installations we can install new turf that can make for a healthy lawn for years to come.

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