Why Repairing Your Sprinkler System This Winter Could Save You Money!

  • Why Repairing Your Sprinkler System This Winter Could Save You Money!

Why Repairing Your Sprinkler System This Winter Could Save You Money!

Repairing your sprinkler system this winter could potentially save you hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of dollars in the future. From protecting your lawn (so there’s no need to buy more sod), to reducing your water bills, every homeowner should take these sprinkler care steps.

Over the years, we’ve been called in to make emergency fixes that could have been stopped in their tracks months before.

Even after Hurricane Ian’s relatively minor impact on Clearwater, there’s a high chance your sprinkler system needs a bit of TLC. Here’s how to repair your sprinkler system this winter:

1. Clean Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Rain and even minor flooding can lead to clogged sprinkler heads. If your sprinkler heads are clogged, remove them and blast out any debris, dirt or dead grass.

Why? Because if they’re clogged, they’ll spray erratically or cause water flow issues further back down the system. Erratic sprinkler heads can lead to under or overwatered areas of your lawn, which can be expensive to fix.

You can also blow out your pipes and sprinkler heads with compressed air, but you should contact a professional when doing this to avoid injury.

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2. Check for Broken Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads take damage over the years, from wear and tear but also events such as Hurricane Ian.

We advise that you take a look at your sprinkler heads to see if they’re cracked or pointing at strange angles. If not replaced, they can lead to flooding and disease on your lawn.

Aren’t sure what to look for? Consider calling our professional Clearwater sprinkler repair team. It can also be a good time to consider upgrading to a newer model that is better suited to your lawn.

3. Watch out for Cracked Pipes

Cracked pipes are very common, especially during colder nights as the expansion and change in temperatures cause pipes to crack and break.

Cracked pipes result in leaking water. Which can mean you’re paying for water to be used in the ground. And you’ll be overcompensating for that loss of pressure. If you’ve got cracked pipes, get them fixed ASAP. The last thing you want is a yard or lawn swamped by a pipe crack.

4. Clean Out Valve Boxes

Valve boxes are a critical part of any automated sprinkler system. Now is the time to cut away any overgrown grass and clear off any debris.

You can also take this opportunity to ensure all the wiring and parts are in good condition. Your battery controller might also need replacing!

There are also tons of new modern smart sprinklers and irrigation controllers that you could upgrade to. These systems are well worth the investment, as you gain so much control over watering patterns and durations. At the click of an app on your phone, you can shut off all the water at any time.

Aren’t sure what to look for? Our professional Clearwater sprinkler repair team can take care of it for you.

5. Optimize Your Watering

Another way to save money this winter is to look at how you water. Are the sprinklers pointing at the right areas? Are landscaping quirks leading to flooding or underwatering that you need to compensate for? Analyze the system and look at how it could be improved.

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What Safety Concerns Should I Have While Repairing or Checking My Sprinkler System?

Sprinkler systems involve a lot of high-pressure pipes and possibly hazardous air. We advise using safety goggles whenever you drain the system and keep your kids and pets indoors. If you have any doubts, call our Clearwater sprinkler repair team.

Sprinkler DIY repair jobs are very possible, but doing a full pipe blowout can be a little more tricky and hiring a local professional team is the way to go.

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