The Best Landscape Lighting Trends in 2023

The Best Landscape Lighting Trends in 2023

Looking to give your outdoor spaces a makeover? Then it’s time to take a look at the best landscape lighting trends in 2023!

New tech has arrived, so there are a bunch of new ideas and smart lighting options. But good-old lighting positioning and angling techniques can transform your yard and home in a way few other things can.

Let’s take a look:

2023 Landscape Lighting Trend Ideas

Simulated Moonlight

The moonlit landscape is one of the best landscape lighting trends in 2023 amongst architects and even animal-crossing players! The basic concept is, recreating the glow of moonlight with LEDs.

A moonlit-style yard and home can give your property that cozy feeling year-round. It’s a naturally gentle, cool glow that will be perfect year-round.

The best way to do it is carefully position LEDs in your trees, high above the branches and leaves. That way, the light will shine through like moonlight does without you actually seeing the harsh LED bulb. It’s wise to do this with light hangers to protect your tree.

Don’t have many trees? You can do the same with structures, installing downlights as high as possible. You can also use glare guards to ensure a nice beam spread.

Climbing up trees in a DIY fashion isn’t advised, so call a professional landscape lighting team to avoid injury.

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Underwater Light Features

Do you have water features in your yard? It’s time to give them some new life! Let them flourish at night.

Fountains, ponds, waterfalls and pools are all great landscape lighting tools waiting to be used. Nature does the work for you here, you put the light under the water and the water glows. Best of all, you can pick a nice warm or cool color and make your yard evocative.

You can also focus lighting toward a waterfall or where the fall meets the water, so the ripples and splash illuminate nicely.

Never try to install lights around the water alone. Electricity and water don’t go well. Call a professional landscape lighting team to take care of it.

LED Step Lights

LED step-lights have been all-the-rage for years, and 2023 is going to be no different.

Place some LED flat strips, or concealed in-wall LEDs, near your steps and they’ll cast shadows on those steps that were once a trip hazard.

LEDs also allow you to change the colors with the click of a remote.

Similarly, linear lighting can be used by placing LED stirps under overhanging strips for a super-modern twist.

Stylish Fixtures

Don’t forget separate lighting fixtures and features. For years external lights were neglected, but there are tons to choose from now so you can personalize your home with retro or modern twists. From fake flames to glittering fairy lights it’s time to accessorize!

Smart Lawn Bollards

Lawn bollards are nothing new, but now there are new progressions on the old idea. These small posts illuminate your driveway or lawn, for style, security and navigation. Casting shadows, they add depth to an otherwise gloomy area.

But, dear reader, let me introduce you to smart LEDs. Coupled with remotes and motion sensors, you can change colors, and brightness or watch the lights turn on one by one as you roll up the driveway or walk across your pathways.

Dark Sky, Anti-Light Pollution Ideas

If you don’t want to be a part of light pollution in your area or are restricted by municipal regulations, then we have the answer – Dark Sky lights.

Set to be one of the best landscape lighting trends of 2023, these lights are approved by the ‘International Dark Sky Association‘. The trick is:

  • Lighting is just the area you need.
  • Shielding lights from glowing upwards.
  • Less bright light bulbs.
  • Timers and sensors.
  • Warm-white bulbs.

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