When Is It Time to Stop Watering Your Lawn in Fall?

  • When Is It Time to Stop Watering Your Lawn in Fall?

When Is It Time to Stop Watering Your Lawn in Fall?

Knowing when to stop watering your lawn in fall in Florida brings a different answer to the rest of the country. Any quick Google search will give you advice about freezing temperatures and hard ground, but of course, here in the Sunshine State, we get plenty of… sunshine!

We recommend that you don’t stop watering your lawn in the fall in Florida! If you want to keep your grass lush and green next spring, you must keep watering, mowing and nurturing your turf year-round.

Find the Watering Sweet Spot!

As temperatures drop as low as 59° during November, your grass and plants won’t require as much water as during the summer – because the water isn’t evaporating as fats.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop watering! You need to find the sweet spot.

But don’t stop entirely! Here in Florida, our lawns remain thirsty year-round. Without water, they’ll discolor from green to brown and gray – and soon need replanting! And a dehydrated lawn won’t spring back in the same way when you walk in it.

Be Careful Not to Overwater

Head out to your sprinkler system’s control panel or timer and adjust those settings. Reduce the frequency and duration of watering, but ensure it’s still getting enough to avoid dehydration.

If you keep your sprinkler system in summer mode, you’ll over-water your lawn. The water will stay in the soil, causing roots to suffocate. Your lawn will have very shallow roots and become prone to disease, discoloration and pests this winter!

Knowing what watering schedule you need to follow in fall in Florida depends on various factors such as grass type, root depth, soil composition and ambient temperature.

How Often Should I Water My Lawn in Fall in Florida?

As a general rule of thumb, water your lawn with around 1-2 inches of water per week.

Healthy lawns should require no more than two days per week of watering during the summer, so in cooler temperatures, aim for around one day a week.

What Time Should I Water My Lawn in Florida?

The morning is the best time to water your lawn in Florida – before 10 a.m.

With cooler temperatures and less wind, the grassroots and soil have time to absorb the water before evaporation.

Don’t water at night, as this can promote disease as the moisture stays on the blades all night long.

Monitor Your Lawn

While installing a sprinkler system in Florida is a great idea for consistent watering, you still need to monitor the condition of your lawn.

You should give your grass more water if:

  • The blades start to bend and won’t bounce back when you walk on them.
  • The grass’s color is lighter than usual or turning blueish.

Is it Time for New Sod?

Fall (and winter) is the prime time to consider whether you need to start from fresh sod. That’s because, by summer, it will have become a natural, lush, green lawn – the pride of the neighborhood!

If your grass is looking beyond salvageable – a sad possibility following Hurricane Ian, consider contacting us today to install new sod.

Contact Our Sprinkler Installation Company in Tampa, FL

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As award-winning experts in lawn care, sod service, irrigation and sprinklers, we can advise you on how to get the lawn of your dreams and install it perfectly this winter.

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