10 Essential Spring Lawn Care Tips for a Vibrant Lawn

10 Essential Spring Lawn Care Tips for a Vibrant Lawn

Spring is here, calling for the need to have an alive-looking lawn! Using our top spring lawn care tips, you can stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Better still, these tips should keep your lawn in top condition for the rest of the year so the family can enjoy the summer on grass that bounces right back!

Top Spring Lawn Care Tips for Florida

    1. Check The Soil

Soil is the lifeblood of any lawn. As spring arrives, you should investigate the condition of your yard’s topsoil.

If it’s healthy, your lawn is ready to grow and stay green thanks to nutrients. But if it’s looking dead, diseased or dried out then it may be time to take some drastic action.

Some people just throw a mix of topsoil and grass seeds and hope for the best. Red flag!

You’ll want to use a tiller or gardening fork to mix the old and new soil together.

Or, if things are looking bleak in the ol’ lawn department, you can invest in some fresh sod. Our Tampa sod installation team will be happy to neatly fit your yard with gleaming fresh soil and sod ready for near-immediate use.

    2. Seed or Sod


Continuing from the topic of sod, you may be able to continue with your existing lawn with the help of new seeds.

Seeds are less expensive than sod, but take a lot of work and can potentially fail to germinate resulting in the whole process being a failure.

Overseeding bare patches on the lawn is a common spring lawn care tip. To do so, gently rake away dead leaves and other debris. Sow the seeds and water them regularly to keep them hydrated and primed to germinate well.

We recommend that you get warm-season grass season, as obviously, Florida is a warm-season kinda place!


Sod is like rolling out a grass carpet on the lawn. It’s on the pricey side but boy is it worth it. It’s an instant lawn, with pre-grown vibrant grass, ready to last you for years.

    3. Control Those Weeds!

Sadly, soil is not just a great home for lawn grass. It’s the perfect breeding ground for nasty, ugly weeds.

Florida is especially prone to weeds due to warmer, humid days. So think about weed control this spring!

Weed control starts early in spring, or ideally before it’s arrived. You can use pre-emergent herbicides in early spring and then herbicides on already-grown weeds such as crabgrass.

Or, you can just pull them up from the turf, but that can take some serious effort. Chopping them up will only spread more weeds, sadly.

    4. When to Water

Now the most important part – watering. Your lawn needs to stay hydrated through the tough heats and droughts Florida can endure.

Our spring lawn care tips include keeping a regular schedule:

  • Water your lawn in the morning, so the grass can absorb the water before it evaporates in the day’s sun.
  • Never water at night, as the water will sit on the grass all night and promote disease growth.
  • Water once or twice a week, with a balanced spray from your sprinkler.

We advise those who want to take their spring lawn care seriously to install a decent sprinkler system. Without one, you can get underwatered areas and overwatered areas of the lawn.

The same is true for a damaged or old sprinkler system. Perform a diagnosis to see if the sprinkler heads are clogged or if the pipes are leaking (your water bill will benefit too).

    5. Aerating

What does this strange word mean? Aeration is the process of allowing oxygen to get into the grass. That’s essential to keep the lawn healthy, especially when it has a lot of foot traffic throughout the spring and summer.

Aeration is done with a machine similar to a lawn mower. It digs small channels or holes into the soil, allowing for airflow. The easiest time to do this is shortly after it has rained.

    6. Solve Flooding

Have you seen floods and puddles arise in your yard in previous years? Spring provides a great opportunity to fix it now (in advance of fall and winter).

Our Tampa Drainage service teams can carefully and strategically place pipes, drains, runoffs and troughs to keep your lawn and property free from flooding later this year.

    7. Equipment Quality Check

Our final spring lawn care tip is to perform a quality inspection of your lawn care equipment.

  • Clean out sprinkler heads
  • Replace broken sprinkler heads
  • Check for cracked pipes or loss of water pressure
  • Check or update your automated sprinkler controls
  • Repair and install timer boxes.
  • Fix and repair wires and valves.

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