Digging a well on your property can actually save you money on your metered utility water bill.  With a sprinkler or irrigation system watering your landscaping you can spend hundreds a month to have the lush lawn you desire.  By digging a well you can tap into an aquifor and raise that ground water up, supplying it to your sprinklers and irrigation system.

Deep Water PumpA shallow well will pay for itself in about one year (cost of installation around $2400) and a deep one will reap you savings benefits in year two.  The cost of digging a deeper well can vary depending on how deep the drilling goes to reach the aquifor, but usually runs about $5500.  If you have a large property a deep well is needed  because of the amount of water used to irrigate the property.  One of the benefits of digging deeper is unlimited water.

If you have a pond or lake on the property, that too can be a great source of free water for your landscaping.  If you just moved to your location, you might want to look around first to see if ground water is already being pumped.  You’ll see a cupped pipe coming up out of the ground for about 18 inches.  Tapping into the ground water or aquifor will leave a pipe standing up out of your property.  You can lnadscape around it, masking it with plants, bushes, florals, etc.  But be sure not to plant anything with  invasive roots that will damage the pipes and leave you with a growing mess.

well water in the poolIn addition to saving money on water bills for irrigation, well water can be used for other things around your home.  Use it to power the kids’ slip and slide, fill your pool, wash your mini-van or clean off the patio.

At All Phaze, we can help you with discovering if your property already has a well, digging one to reach groundwater or the aquifor and even planting landscaping to hide the pipe.  We can install and repair the sprinklers on your property to work with the well.  We can assist with repairs of the well, pipes, or irrigation system.  We’re known for reliable work and fair prices and mostly for satisfied customers.  Give us a call to make sure you’re content with your property, and the cost of your water bill!